Who we are?

RBDCK is a corporation established and fully owned by the Government of Kerala and has been incorporated as a limited company under the Companies Act 1956 on 23rd September 1999. RBDCK mainly deals with the properties and assets comprising movables and immovable including land, road projects, railway over bridge projects, toll collection rights and works under construction. RBDCK is a company under the Public Works Department of Government of Kerala.

What we do?

To construct, maintain, operate and manage Highways, Roads, Bypasses, Bridges, Over-bridges etc., entrusted to and vested with the Company by the Government of Kerala or any other Government/ Governmental agencies/ Organisations including improvement, strengthening and rehabilitation of road network identified as core network and to regulate and control the use of the roads vested in, or entrusted to it.

To undertake construction and maintenance of such facilities for and on behalf of any Government, Governmental agencies and Organisations on Turn-Key, Build-Own-Transfer, Build-Own-Operate and Transfer or any other basis and to collect tolls, user charges and such other revenues for the use of such facilities from the public, Government and other agencies.

To raise funds subject to the provisions of the Companies Act 2013 and Reserve Bank of India guidelines issued from time to time for construction, maintenance, improvement and operation of such facilities etc. or by market borrowing, issue of shares, debentures, bonds or by way of loans, grants and borrowings from Government, Financial institutions including International Financial institutions. truth about fake rolex. how to make child love doll ilegal?

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