Uttara ROB And River Bridge

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General Details
Administrative Sanction Order Number Dated Amount(crores)
GO (Rt) No. 942/2017/PWD 10.07.2017 20
District Palakkad
LAC Nenmara
Project Details
Actual Start Date 16.12.2020
Project Management Consultant KITCO Ltd
Category Road Over Bridges
LC No 33
Railway (km) 35/600-700
Length Including Approaches 447.371m
Width of ROB 10.20 m
GAD Status Not Approved
No of Lanes 2
Financial Details
AS Amount(crores) 20
Funded By KIIFB
Project Outlay(crores) 10.61
Work Progress Details
Physical progress 10 %
Current status LA is progressing. 19(1) published on 15.06.2023. Award enquiry notice issued on 04.07.2023. Regarding the construction of River Bridge only 5.13 Ares of land is required to be acquired from 2 stake holders and we had already received the advance procession certificate from both the stakeholders. Accordingly, we had revised the estimate and requested KIIFB for granting permission to tender the work vide letter dated 06.09.2022. Vide dated 28.12.2022 KIIFB had given permission to go ahead with the tendering process. Generally bridge portion is tendering as Lump sum mode and the design has prepared by the Contractor after award of the work. But vide G.O.(Ms) No. 34/2022/PWD dated 02.12.2022 Government had directed to follow G.O.(P) No 30/2016/Fin dated 29.2.2016 which stipulates item rate tender for all future work. Since this is a small work, we had instructed the PMC M/s RITES on 04.01.2023 to prepare and submit the design drawings for tender the work as item rate. After getting the design & drawings, it will be submitted to IIT for vetting. After several revisions Railways directed to submit the GAD to CBE Chennai as this is a deposit work. Also, Railways directed to submit the GAD along with the joint feasibility report. Joint Feasibility report was submitted to ADEN, Palakkad for signature on 06.04.2022. Revised GAD was submitted to Railways on 13.06.2022.
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