Malappuram Police Station Kizhakkethala Chethupalam Flyover


General Details
Administrative Sanction Order Number Dated Amount(crores)
GO (Rt) No. 942/2017/PWD 10.07.2017 50
District Malappuram
LAC Malappuram
Project Details
Project Management Consultant E I Technologies
Category Flyover
Length including approaches 1332m
Width of Flyover 9.00m
No of Lanes 2
Financial Details
AS Amount(crores) 50
Funded By KIIFB
Project Outlay(crores) 89.92
Work Progress Details
Current status DPR approved by KIIFB on 11.02.2020 for an amount of Rs.89.92 Cr. The project is in the National Highway. NOC from NHAI was obtained on 12.10.2021. LA requisition submitted to DC, Malappuram on 28.10.2021. Joint site inspection was conducted with Hon. MLA & Municipal Chairman on 01.12.2021. In this meeting, they requested to change the starting point in the alignment approximately 100m towards Palakkad side (Police station side). Since this alignment is already approved by KIIFB, RBDCK had requested Hon. MLA to take up the matter with KIIFB and the alignment can be changed only with the concurrence of KIIFB. ED KIIFB visited the site on 13.02.2022. KIIFB was directed to conduct a fresh traffic survey for analysing the feasibility of Flyover. RBDCK requested KIIFB for the sanction of additional amount for the traffic survey on 31.03.2022. On 06.06.2022, KIIFB directed to avoid 3-legged flyover proposal and also informed that it is better to develop the junction instead of flyover and widen the existing road to 4 lane. RBDCK informed that same to Hon. MLA on 10.06.2022 and instructed to DPR consultant to conduct a traffic survey at the earliest and to analyse whether 2-legged flyover or 3-legged flyover or junction development is suitable. Traffic survey completed on 11.08.2022 and report submitted by DPR consultant on 09.09.2022. RBDCK had submitted the same to KIIFB on 16.09.2022. KIIFB vide letter dated 01.11.2022 informed that proposal for flyover may be considered later. KIIFB had conducted a meeting with the presence of Hon’ble MLA on 19.11.2022 and informed that the land acquisition for widening of the junction and existing road can be considered now and also pointed out that the flyover proposal can be consider later, without any further land acquisition. Hence, KIIFB has suggested RBDCK to proceed with the land acquisition procedure. Hon. MLA requested to proceed with land acquisition upto Police station junction. Accordingly revised alignment was submitted to KIIFB on 11.05.2023. KIIFB informed that extension of alignment can be only consider if free surrender of land as agreed by Malappuram Kottapadi Town Development Forum. The same was informed to MLA & Malappuram Kottapadi Town Development Forum.