CUSAT Package 1 (Kalamassery Main Campus)

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General Details
Administrative Sanction Order Number Dated Amount(crores)
GO (Rt) 807/2017/H.Ed 29.04.2017 240.9
Technical Sanction Order Number Dated Amount(crores)
RBDCK/T220/TS-04/2018-19 13.04.2018 63.25
District Ernakulam
LAC Kalamassery
Project Details
Actual Start Date 28.09.2019
Contractor(s) M/s Marymatha Infrastructure Pvt Ltd.
Project Management Consultant KITCO Ltd
Category Building Projects
Type Academic Building
Description Developmental activities in Main campus Academic Building, International Guest House, Engineering Wing, Facilitation Centre, Campus Rejuvenation, External Water supply, Drainage Works and Waste management
Financial Details
AS Amount(crores) 240.9
Funded By KIIFB
Project Outlay(crores) 63.75
TS Amount(crores) 63.25
Tender Details
Tender No Dated Tender Amount(crores)
RBDCK/T220/CUSAT/PKG1/168/2022 04.06.2022
Agreement Details
Agreement No Agreement Date Agreed Amount(crores) Site Handover Date Period of Completion Actual Date of Completion
RBDCK/T220/CUSAT/PACKAGE I/16/2019 05.09.2019 62.58 28.09.2019 24 Months 27.09.2021
Work Progress Details
Physical progress 18 %
Current status RBDCK had requested Secretary PWD on 08.02.2022 to grant permission to retender the work and the applicability of risk and cost may be considered after the judgement in the above case. Secretary PWD has given permission to retender the work and Risk & Cost can be decided based on the verdict of WPC 12353/2021. In WP(C) No. 12353/2021 Hon’ble High Court of Kerala, ordered that respondent are free to retender the work. KIIFB had given permission to retender the work on 23.03.2022. Work tendered on 06.04.2022. Technical bid was opened on 09.05.2022 and the bid was rejected as only one bidder participated. The work was retendered on 04.06.2022. Technical bid was opened on 08.07.2022. 1 bid received. Financial bid opened on 27.08.2022. The amount quoted is 13.58% above based on current DSR 2018. Negotiation meeting was convened on 17.10.2022 and bidder is not willing to reduce the amount. Hence the matter was informed to Principal Secretary, HED and CEO KIIFB and requested for the approval of tender on 25.10.2022. Vide letter dated 05.01.2023, GoK directed to complete the work immediately without any financial liability to the CUSAT. Accordingly RBDCK requested KIIFB to advice whether the work can be awarded to M/s Silpa Projects on 09.01.2023. KIIFB, CEO informed that as per the KIIFB guide lines issued G.O. (Ms) No. 69/2018 Fin dated 24-02-2018 stats that “When the lowest tender is within the justifiable amount above but more than 10% above the corresponding provision in the technically Sanctioned Estimate, the approval for acceptance/rejection/retender shall be given by the Administrative department” and requested RBDCK to obtain approval of Government for further action. A meeting was held on 06.02.2023 at the chamber of Hon. Minister for Higher Education in the presence of officials of KIIFB, CUSAT and RBDCK to discuss the matter in detail. On 07.02.2023, RBDCK again submitted the request for tender approval. On 16.03.2023, Principal secretary HED has requested some queries and reply for the same was submitted on 29.03.2023. On 13.04.2023, Principal Secretary HED again raised queries and reply for the same was submitted on 29.04.2023. Work will be tendered after obtaining approval from HED. On 22.07.2023, Principal Secretary HED directed to retender the work. The work was retendered on 11.08.2023 and technical bid was opened on 29.09.2023. No bid were reecived. Hence work will be retendered.
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