CUSAT Package 5 (Swimming Pool)


General Details
Administrative Sanction Order Number Dated Amount(crores)
GO (Rt) 807/2017/H.Ed 29.04.2017 240.9
Technical Sanction Order Number Dated Amount(crores)
RBDCK/T220/ TS-11/2018-19 28.01.2019 2.38
District Ernakulam
LAC Kalamassery
Project Details
LA status
Category Building Projects
Type Swimming Pools
Description Construction of swimming pool at CUSAT Main Campus
Financial Details
AS Amount(crores) 240.9
Funded By KIIFB
Project Outlay(crores) 2.55
TS Amount(crores) 2.38
Tender Details
Tender No Dated Tender Amount(crores)
RBDCK/T220/CUSAT/23/2019 (Retender) 30.07.2019 2.33
Work Progress Details
Current status The agreement for the subject work was executed with M/s Eternity Pools& Gardens Pvt Ltd on 28.09.2020 for an amount of Rs. 2,43,66,373.71. Notice to Proceed with the work was issued on 19.10.2020. Time of completion was 12 months. As per the request from CUSAT, the location of swimming pool was changed and foundation change was required for the new location. Soil investigation was conducted and revised estimate was prepared with bored cast in situ pile foundation. Revised TS was issued for Rs. 2,91,56,898.04 and the same was approved by KIIFB. The agreement period was over on 18.10.2021. Managing Director, M/s. Eternity Pools Gardens has requested to consider price increase of 35% and also requested to change the schedules of rates to the latest schedule. RBDCK had informed that their request for price escalation cannot be considered and request them to start the work immediately as per the agreed rates. The contractor informed that it is not possible to execute the project on tendered rate and requested to cancel the awarded tender with no risk & cost. Since the contractor is not willing to continue the work at the agreed rates and considering the delay in giving approvals for drawings based on the location change, Contract was foreclosed and foreclosure agreement was executed on 21.12.2021. RBDCK directed Consultant to proof check the drawings by CUSAT. Design proof checking and approval of the same is obtained from CUSAT. The revised estimate has been prepared based on DSR 2018. TS committee was convened on 17-05-2022. The Committee has directed to submit the estimate of Swimming pool at CUSAT Main Campus to Assistant Engineer, Buildings, PWD, High Court Section, Ernakulam for scrutiny. TS Committee was convened on 20.07.2022. The revised estimate along with minutes of TS Committee meeting was submitted to KIIFB through PFMS on 25.07.2022. KIIFB raised some queries and clarification was submitted to KIIFB on 09.11.2022. On 03.12.2022, again KIIFB again raised some queries and reply for the same was forwarded to KIIFB on 20-01-2023. KIIFB has approved the Revised Estimate and work was tendered on 11.04.2023. No bidders were participated and hence the work was re-tendered on 15.06.2023. Technical bid will be opened on 11.07.2023.