Angamaly Kochi Bypass Phase I (Karayaanparambu to Angamaly)

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General Details
Administrative Sanction Order Number Dated Amount(crores)
GO(Rt) No.1324/2016/PWD 27.09.2016 50
Revised Administrative Sanction Order Number Dated Amount(crores)
GO(Rt) No.771/2017/PWD 02.06.2017 390.68
District Ernakulam
LAC Angamaly
Project Details
Actual Start Date 26.08.2020
Project Management Consultant KITCO Ltd
Category Road Projects
Length 3115 m
Right of way 20 m to 25 m
No of Lanes 4
Financial Details
AS Amount(crores) 50
Revised AS Amount(crores) 390.68
Funded By KIIFB
Project Outlay(crores) 275.52
Work Progress Details
Physical progress 30 %
Current status LA requisition submitted to District Collector, Ernakulam on 27.10.2018. Stone planting completed and joint site inspection conducted on 28.01.2021. Contingency fund Rs. 50 lakhs sanctioned by KIIFB and released to LOA on 20.04.2021. SIA public conducted on 24.09.2021. 4(1) notification published on 03.08.2021. SIA final report submitted to District Collector on 23.10.2021. Expert Committee meeting conducted on 04.01.2022., report submitted sent to Govt. on 24.01.2022. Appropriate Govt. Order under section (8) issued on 25.01.2022. 11(1) notification published on 22.08.2022. Sub division survey works are progressing.
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