Melechovva Flyover


General Details
Administrative Sanction Order Number Dated Amount(crores)
GO(Rt)No.1324/2016/PWD 27.09.2016 30
Revised Administrative Sanction Order Number Dated Amount(crores)
GO(Rt)No.161/2023/PWD 16.02.2023 28.68
District Kannur
LAC Kannur
Project Details
LA status
Project Management Consultant KITCO Ltd
Category Flyover
Length including approaches 418.39 m
Width of Flyover 10 m (Overall 24 m)
No of Lanes 2 Lane with service road on both side
Financial Details
AS Amount(crores) 30
Revised AS Amount(crores) 28.68
Funded By KIIFB
Project Outlay(crores) 27.59
Work Progress Details
Current status Land taken possession was completed on 20.12.2021. RBDCK revised the estimate based on DSR 2018 and considered a lumpsum for utility shifting and submitted it to KIIFB for approval on 13.12.2021. But KIIFB informed that the amount for utility shifting should be actual. Two main waterlines are to be shifted for the construction which is the main line for the entire Kannur Corporation. The method suggested by KWA for shifting was not acceptable to KIIFB. As per request of RBDCK KIIFB conducted a meeting with KWA and RBDCK in the presence of Representative of Hon’ble MLA and resolved the utility shifting issues on 23.05.2022. Based on the meeting, RBDCK requested KWA on 30.05.2022 to submit the revised estimate for pipeline shifting. KWA requested for the revised drawing and the same was submitted to KWA on 25.06.2022. On 06.08.2022, MD RBDCK requested MD-KWA for his kind intervention in this matter. Since KWA had not submitted the same, ED KIIFB again held a meeting on 30.08.2022 in the presence of Hon’ble Kannur MLA and CE-KWA. In the meeting, RBDCK again submitted a reminder on 22.09.2022 to SE KWA Kannur. Revised estimate submitted by KWA on 11.10.2022. Revised Estimate submitted to KIIFB on 21.10.2022. Accordingly, KIIFB conducted a meeting on 29.10.2022 with RBDCK to discuss the issues raised by KWA regarding utility shifting. To resolve the issue KIIFB decided to approach Hon’ble CM/ Hon’ble PWD minister to arrange a meeting with all stakeholders. On 07.11.2022 KIIFB returned the revised estimate citing the decision taken in the meeting. At the meeting held on 22.11.2022 KIIFB informed that a letter has been sent to CM to seek his opinion on constructing a flyover instead of an underpass pointing out the risk and complexity of shifting the KWA pipeline. Accordingly, CEO KIIFB submitted a letter to Principal Secretary to intervene in this matter. Secretary to Govt. requested RBDCK to submit a detailed report on the same and the report submitted to GoK on 08.12.2022. On 16.02.2023, Govt. issued Administrative Sanction for construction of flyover at Melechovva. Accordingly, alignment and estimate for construction of flyover has been prepared and submitted to KIIFB. As per the current alignment, the flyover requires acquisition of additional land. KIIFB issued TAR, requested for certain changes in the alignment drawing & estimate and clarification for the same was submitted on 13.04.2023. As directed by KIIFB, concurrence from KRFB obtained and submitted to KIIFB and financial sanction from KIIFB is awaited.