Koduvally Siraj Flyover


General Details
Administrative Sanction Order Number Dated Amount(crores)
GO(Rt)No.1324/2016/PWD 27.09.2016 20
District Kozhikode
LAC Koduvally
Project Details
Actual Start Date 14.05.2019
Category Flyover
Length including approaches 495m +185 m
Width of Flyover 20.90-24.00
No of Lanes 2
Financial Details
AS Amount(crores) 20
Funded By KIIFB
Project Outlay(crores) 54.03
Work Progress Details
Physical progress 72 %
Current status A meeting was conducted by KIIFB CEO in the presence of Hon MLA Koduvally in connection with the KIIFB Projects in Koduvally LAC. In the meeting it was directed to proceed with the alignment restricting to a width of 20m and directed to proceed with the further procedures. Therefore, vide letter dated 14.02.2023, requested Secretary, PWD for issuing revised AS for “Widening and Development of Koduvally Junction” instead of Construction of Koduvally Siraj Flyover. E tender invited for the DPR preparation on 21.03.2023 but no bidders participated in the tender. Hence the work was re-tendered on 18.04.2023. The technical bid was opened on 04.05.2023. Only one bid was received from M/s KITCO Ltd and the bidder was qualified for financial bid. Financial bid of bidder was opened on 07.06.2023 and the quoted amount is Rs. 32,90,000.00/- . Since the quoted amount is very high, requested KITCO to reduce the rates through email dated 12.06.2023.On 13.06.2023, KITCO submitted the revised rate of Rs. 22,79,000/- excluding GST. During the meeting herd on 07.06.2023, KIIFB had informed that if require, KIIFB can provide the service of TRC for RBDCK for the preparation of DPR. Therefore, we request the service of TRC for the preparation of detailed project report vide letter dated 21.06.2023.