Oradumpalam - Vylongara Bypass Road

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General Details
Administrative Sanction Order Number Dated Amount(crores)
GO(Rt)No.1324/2016/PWD 27.09.2016 10
District Malappuram
LAC Mankada
Project Details
Actual Start Date 11.11.2020
Project Management Consultant KITCO Ltd
Category Road Projects
Length 760 m
Right of way 15 m
No of Lanes 2
Financial Details
AS Amount(crores) 10
Funded By KIIFB
Project Outlay(crores) 16.1
Work Progress Details
Physical progress 5 %
Current status LA requisition submitted on 12.07.2018. AS for LA received on 19.06.2019. 6(1) Notification published on 07.10.2019. Due to protest from land owners stone planting obstructed, hence the project was put on hold. A meeting was conducted by KIIFB in the presence Hon. MLA on 12.07.2022. Based on this KIIFB had inspected the site on 05.09.2022. On 22.09.2022 KIIFB requested to revise the proposal and to submit the revised DPR. Revised DPR submitted to KIIFB on 08.02.2023 and approved by KIIFB on 22.05.2023. Revised LA requisition submitted to DC on 29.05.2023. Boundary stone planting was completed on 19.06.2023 and joint inspection was conducted on 02.08.2023.
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