Project Weekly Progress Gallery

Staircase handrail work

Exp. joint at A1

Exp. joint at railway span

Chipping of expansion joint

Expansion joint fixing

Railway span slab reinforcement work

Footpath Concrete

Railway span slab concrete

Reinforcement work for footpath

Culvert top slab concreting at Ch 200, road crossing

Slab cleaning

Culvert work

P5 side staircase completed

Shoulder filling

Compacting shoulder and GSB

GSB work A1 side

GSB work

Culvert excavation at CH 200

Staircase work at P6 side

P5 side staircase work

P6 side staircase work

Ap2 side earth work

Staircase work

Staircase work P5 side

Staircase work P6 side

Roadwork at CH: 150

Road surface watering

Earth compaction at CH: 180

Compaction drain sides using plate compactor

Drainage spout concreting

Road work from CH 200 to CH 000

Road work

Staircase work P5 side

Staircase work P6 side

Backfilling excavated area

Drain at 0 chainage

Drain joining at 0 chainage

Drain raft concreting at CH 314

Grade beam concreting in P5 location for staircase

Drain raft concreting

drain work 1

Drain work

drain, culvert raft concrete

Culvert concreting NH side

Culvert work at CH 200

Drain connecting at ch 10

Drainage work at CH 260 to 300

Drainage work

A2 side finishing for painting

Culvert work - NH side

Reaction block work

Retaining wall painting

Culvert raft concreting NH side

Culvert raft steel

Handrail concreting A1 side approach

Retaining Wall Painting

Drain Outer Wall Concreting

Drain Excavation at CH:200 to 250

Drain PCC at CH:10

Drain Wall Concreting

Approach Slab Concreting

Handrail Concreting

Approach Slab Reinforcement

Drain Raft Reinforcement Work

Painting Work

Painting Work in A1 side in progress

Filter Media Filling

Compacting Filter Media Area

Dry Film Thickness Testing For Painting

Drain Wall concrete

Drain Raft concrete

Earth filling @ AP1

Painting @ AP1

Footpath work

Slab painting